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Women's Services

Ashtabula County Medical Center's Women's Health Center gives you a local choice of qualified and compassionate physicians, who see patients five days a week.

They are supported by an experienced team of healthcare professionals who work with the latest technology to provide greater comfort and give you peace of mind knowing your physician has access to the best data possible to help you make your healthcare decisions.

Throughout your care and treatment, your provider works with a multidisciplinary team of medical providers throughout ACMC and has immediate access to the medical experts at Cleveland Clinic when an even higher level of care is needed.

Diagnostic and Imaging

ACMC's Radiology Department offers a range of diagnostic and imaging technologies to help your physician quickly identify potential health problems.

Equipment includes:

  • Digital mammogram units, which provide better images than traditional analog systems, and offer easy transfer of documents from Cleveland Clinic radiologists to your physician via electronic medical record. Digital mammography also allows surgeons to take breast biopsies using minimally invasive techniques. This gets you home faster, and patients say it is less painful than other forms of biopsy.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which can be used in conjunction with digital mammography to detect breast cancer, can help physicians locate possible tumors, blockages, blood leaks, congestion, infections, heart valve disorders, or other organ or tissue damage or inflammation. An MRI is noninvasive and the ACMC unit has the strongest magnet in the county, as well as a wider scanning table and opening for greater comfort and more open space around the patient.
  • Also available are bone density x-ray (to evaluate the risk of osteoporosis and other related conditions), CT scan, PET scan and ultrasound.