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Sleep (Center for Sleep Medicine)

Do you feel tired in the morning—even though you got a full night's sleep? Does your significant other complain about your constant snoring? If you answer yes to either question, you may have a sleep disorder.

Forty million Americans have chronic sleep disorders, and 20 million more have trouble sleeping occasionally. One in three Americans is so tired during the day that it interferes with activities such as work and driving. If left undiagnosed and untreated, sleep disorders can lead to hypertension and other serious medical conditions.

ACMC can help you get a better night's rest. We have a pulmonology specialist who is board-certified in Sleep Medicine diagnosis and treatment.

ACMC's Center for Sleep Medicine provides patients with the quiet needed for an accurate sleep study. A sleep study is a medical test performed while you sleep at night in a very comfortable private room. This test is used to evaluate and diagnose a sleep disorder. Sleep studies are safe and noninvasive procedures that provide valuable information to your physician.

A trained polysomnographer will monitor your heart rate, oxygen levels, breathing patterns, and the number of times you wake up during the night. After scoring your sleep study, the technician will forward the results to the center's medical director for diagnosis.

ACMC's Center for Sleep Medicine is located near the hospital campus, but not in the medical center. Sleep studies are done on an outpatient basis, so you will not be admitted to the hospital.

Each room is designed to be comfortable and homelike and is equipped with a double bed, television, and a place to store your belongings. Some beds are adjustable for those who cannot sleep flat.

Sleep Center Services

Because we want to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and allow you to begin receiving treatment as quickly as possible, service features of the ACMC Center for Sleep Medicine include:

  • State-of-the-art sleep testing equipment.
  • Pulse ox and ECG to record sympathetic activity.
  • Use of pressure transducer to monitor airflow.
  • Studies scored within two business days of the test being performed.
  • Interpretation to referring physician within seven working days of receipt of scored study.
  • Flexible scheduling to include weeknights, weekends, and daytime tests.
  • Operation in accordance with standards set forth by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.


There are several treatments for sleep disorders, depending on whether your condition is moderate or severe. Treatment options include diet and losing weight, sleeping in an elevated position, wearing a mask that forces air into your lungs, or surgery. The medical director of the ACMC Center for Sleep Medicine and your physician will discuss these options with you and recommend the treatment that will best meet your health needs.


Sleep studies are a covered benefit under most insurance carriers. These studies are done on patients 18 years and older.

Schedule an appointment

To schedule an appointment with ACMC Pulmonologist Yisa Sunmonu, MD, call 440.997.6969.

If you have any more specific questions or to make an appointment for a sleep study, please call the Center for Sleep Medicine at 440.997.6744 or email