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Health for Life

If you are seeing higher numbers on the scale or less motivation for exercise, help is coming in January.

Health for Life is a wellness program offered by Ashtabula County Medical Center, ACMC Outpatient Rehabilitation Services and Premiere Fitness.

The series of classes combines wellness education with exercise classes to help motivate you to lose weight, shape up or meet whatever health goals you have.

In addition to the 12-week program and wellness education classes led by ACMC physicians and professional staff, the $20 entry fee also includes free passes to other local fitness centers or gyms.

Over the past years that Health for Life classes have met, class members who have the support of family, co-workers or fitness buddies have consistently lost weight or met their fitness goals.

Since its start, Health for Life participants lost a total weight of nearly 4,000 pounds. Last year, the average weight loss was 10.3 pounds per person, with a 5.33 percentage loss of weight.

Results Weight Management Solution

What makes the Results Weight Management Solution different from all the other diets and programs you've tried?

Most people are unsure about changing long-standing lifestyle behaviors; they fear that it will be difficult, uncomfortable or depriving. Many people start a diet or try to increase their physical activity on their own, but fail to follow through—or gain back the weight immediately after discontinuing the program time and time again.

The Results Weight Management Solution is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change. This program concentrates on regular physical activity and maintaining healthy eating habits. You are not on your own. That's why the Results Weight Management Solution separates itself from the rest—our ultimate concern is your health. We work with and encourage you through every phase of weight loss—from learning healthier eating habits to teaching proper form and technique when working out.

The program includes:

  • Fitness assessment.
  • Visual fitness planner:
    • Creates an individualized 3-D representation of what you currently look like.
    • Creates a personalized health risk profile that predicts your current risks for four major diseases: heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke—and what you can do to minimize those risks.
    • Shows what you will look like when you are at your goal and predicts how long it will take you to get there.
  • Equipment orientation.
  • Group training.
  • Healthy eating:
    • Right-sized portion plate.
    • Food journal.
    • Food scale.
    • Nutrition classes with dietitians.
  • Program cost: Members: $119; non-members: $299.
  • Non-member option includes membership to Premiere Fitness for 12 weeks.


SilverSneakers Fitness Program at Premiere Fitness is your path to improved health. Designed specifically for older adults, SilverSneakers provides you a place to develop a healthy lifestyle or the motivation to get up and get moving.

Your SilverSneakers Fitness Program membership is available at no cost or low-cost based on your health insurance plan. Your membership includes access to special SilverSneakers classes, as well as all Premiere Fitness classes and equipment.

For more information visit SilverSneakers, and then call Premiere Fitness to activate your membership today.