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When toe, foot or ankle problems make it hard to walk or keep you from doing the things you love, seek out the skilled podiatry team at Ashtabula County Medical Center. Our podiatrist and nurses can help keep you moving with less pain, whether you have chronic foot problems or an acute injury. Toe, foot, or ankle problems can include athlete's foot, overuse injuries, sports injuries, foot deformities, or chronic health problems related to arthritis or diabetes.


If you experience any of the following symptoms, it may be time to see a podiatrist:

  • Itching sensation in the food
  • Pain or painful cracks in the skin
  • Sores
  • Swelling

Diagnosis and Treatment

After careful examination of the foot problem and discussion of the history of the problem, ACMC's podiatrist may recommend an imaging scan to determine potential internal injury. The podiatrist will diagnose and offer treatment options such as prescribing orthotic footwear, pain management, physical therapy, surgery, or a combination of these based on each patients' unique needs.

Conditions Treated

  • Advanced wound care
  • Forefoot deformity
    • Bunions
    • Hammertoe
  • Injury of foot or ankle
  • Routine nail & skin care

Procedures Offered

  • Medical & surgical treatment for most conditions affecting the foot & ankle