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Timely lab services available at ACMC's Family Health Centers

The ACMC Laboratory, the only lab in Ashtabula County certified by the College of American Pathologists, provides accurate, timely, convenient testing and blood collection services.

Lab services are offered on a walk-in basis.

Blood is drawn for a variety of tests, including complete blood count, cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides, immune system disorders, clotting issues, anemia, infections, hemoglobin, hematocrit, metabolic panel and blood enzymes.

Blood chemical analyzers test the blood right at the hospital, decreasing turnaround time in getting results—so your provider can make a diagnosis based on the test results. In most cases, test results are available within four hours.

ACMC's lab also performs its own microbiology tests, which look for bacteria or viruses that cause infectious diseases such as strep, influenza, salmonella or the common cold.

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Six convenient locations

ACMC offers six locations around Ashtabula County to make it easier for you to have blood drawn. For hours at each location, please visit

  • Ashtabula County Medical Center
    2420 Lake Ave.
  • Ashtabula Family Health Center
    2259 Lake Ave.
  • Conneaut Family Health Center
    354 W. Main Road
  • Geneva Family Health Center
    1028 S. Broadway
  • Jefferson Family Health Center
    234 N. Chestnut St.
  • Orwell Family Health Center
    8220 State Route 45


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