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ACMC grateful for community support in 2020

In looking back at 2020, many will remember the anxiety, fear and confusion caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. When ACMC Healthcare System caregivers look back, they will also remember the generosity and support of our communities.

Businesses, organizations and individuals began contacting the hospital within days of the first reported cases in the country—asking how they could help, whether through supplies, volunteers or money. The list of donations is impressive:

  • $60,000 for ACMC's COVID-19 Relief & Support Fund.
  • 30,000 pieces of personal protective equipment.
  • 100,000-plus units of cleaning products.
  • 8,000-plus meals for caregivers.
  • 2,500-plus snacks, cookies and care packages.
  • 2,800-plus handmade cloth face masks.
  • Dozens of volunteer hours assembling 3,000 face shields and vaccine information packets.
  • Countless thank-you cards and words of encouragement.

"On behalf of our over 1,300 caregivers, I'm so very grateful to the companies and individuals who were so generous and thoughtful with their help. It's been overwhelming, in a good way," said ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Michael Habowski. "The show of support for our caregivers has been tremendous."

ACMC Foundation Executive Director Tami Netkowicz coordinated the donations to ensure that they were delivered where and when they were needed most. When she wasn't coordinating deliveries, Netkowicz was on the phone soliciting support and making new contacts to ensure supplies were available. Some of the best donations were spur-of-the-moment offers of food, which provided not only nourishment, but an emotional boost.

"Restaurant owners are some of the most generous people in our communities," Netkowicz said. "These donors gave us so much more than their actual gifts. They gave our caregivers support, encouragement and perhaps a little comfort in knowing the community is standing behind them and appreciating all they do. I hope our donors know that our gratitude goes far beyond just simple words of 'thank you.'"

Habowski summed up ACMC's gratitude to the community: "For more than 117 years, the community has supported ACMC in our times of greatest need, and this pandemic has proven this once again. I love that donations came from the same people we see each day in stores and restaurants, on social media, or looking out a car or home window. Our hearts could not be more grateful for the love and support our communities have shown ACMC caregivers."

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