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ACMC excels at safety, has awards to prove it

If one word could describe Ashtabula County Medical Center's response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, that word would be safety.

ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Michael Habowski said: "From the first day we began planning our response to COVID-19, our focus has been on the safety of our patients and caregivers. We took steps to ensure caregivers had the personal protective equipment they need. We also put in place protocols to keep patients safe when they came through our doors. We wanted patients to trust that we had everything to keep them safe while providing the highest level of care they needed."

Leapfrog 'A' safety grade

ACMC's dedication to patient safety was reflected in a fifth "A" safety grade given by The Leapfrog Group, a national, nonprofit organization focused on the quality and safety of American healthcare. The patient safety grade is based on a hospital's performance in preventing medical errors, injuries, accidents, infections and other harms to patients in their care.

Developed under the guidance of a national expert panel, the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade uses up to 27 measures of publicly available hospital safety data to assign grades to more than 2,600 U.S. acute-care hospitals twice per year. The Hospital Safety Grade's methodology is peer-reviewed and fully transparent, and the results are free to the public.

ACMC is one of only seven hospitals across the Cleveland Metro area to receive an "A" grade from The Leapfrog Group.

Platinum Award for employee wellness

Taking care of patients requires healthy caregivers. ACMC continues to provide health and wellness initiatives for staff, and those efforts earned a Platinum Award from the Healthy Business Council of Ohio.

"Healthcare is more than just providing quality care when someone is ill or injured," Habowski said. "Healthcare is also about being proactive to maintain health and wellness. Our employee wellness program gives our caregivers tools and motivation to lead healthy lifestyles, which helps us ensure we are able to meet our patients' needs."

In receiving the Platinum Award, ACMC was recognized for its efforts that encouraged employee and spouse participation within the safety parameters of COVID-19.

"These awards are not about hanging another accolade on the wall," Habowski said. "They reflect our dedication to patient safety as well as caregiver safety."

ACMC also collaborates with over a dozen local companies in offering wellness programs for their employees. And ACMC's Occupational Health Services works with companies to provide pre-employment physicals and injury care. Healthy employees improve a company's bottom line through increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and lower medical costs.

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ACMC makes your safety our No. 1 priority—and it shows. It's safe to see your doctor. So if you've delayed care during the pandemic, now's the perfect time to catch up.

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