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ACMC Emergency Department is always open

ACMC's Emergency Department never closes, which means we can get you into an exam room and in front of a medical professional quickly, so the treatment you need can begin. With all of our services available under one roof, you can be diagnosed and treated for injuries or illnesses without the need for additional appointments or transit time to another facility.

ACMC's Emergency Department treats about 35,000 patients each year.

"Our Emergency Department is the perfect example of our mission to ensure local residents have nearly immediate access to healthcare, which often begins before a patient sets foot in our door," said ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Michael Habowski.

Prehospital care is made possible because ACMC partners with local first responders and emergency medical services (EMS) who transport patients to the hospital. By using wireless communications technology, patient information and data can be transmitted to ACMC while still en route to the hospital. This allows caregivers to be ready for patients who are potentially having a heart attack or stroke.

Physicians review the patient data before the ambulance arrives and determine which protocols will best aid the patient. Caregivers can immediately begin further testing and treatment or stabilize the patient for transport to Cleveland for more complex treatment options.

EMS transports account for about 20% of all ACMC Emergency Department patients. The remainder are seen on a walk-in basis.

ACMC uses a split-flow system to keep wait times to a minimum. The sickest patients are taken immediately to the emergency exam rooms, while less serious conditions (such as an earache or ankle sprain) are seen in a traditional exam room.

Habowski said: "We are proud to be here, day in and day out, for our residents when they need us the most. The hospital was built 117 years ago on the promise of quick access during emergencies, and we continue to fulfill that promise today."

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