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Conneaut Family Health Center earns digital mammography accreditation

Hospital news | Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Contact: John Broom

Conneaut Family Health Center's digital mammography unit was recently accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). The accreditation means that the equipment, procedures and staff training meets the high standards of ACR.

"This accreditation is evidence that Ashtabula County Medical Center provides the highest quality of care and most advanced medical technology for our physicians and their patients," said ACMC President &CEO Michael Habowski.

The American College of Radiology standards for equipment require that digital mammography units meet Federal Drug Administration regulations for medical equipment.

The majority of those requirements focus on the function of the equipment, including quality of image, magnification and patient dose exposure.

"We must submit images and documentation that show the equipment meets ACR standards and is capable of detecting potentially cancerous cells in a variety of breast tissue," said ACMC Director of Imaging Services Nancy Shaw-Hertzog. "We also must show that our Caregivers are up-to-date in training and follow procedures that minimize patient-exposure to radiation."

Full ACR accreditation is awarded for a three-year period. However, to maintain the American College of Radiology accreditation, ACMC's digital mammography units will also go through an annual review.

Digital mammography provides better images and gives physicians more control over what they see on the screen. The test is faster, safer and more comfortable, and patients rarely need to return for repeat images due to under- or over-exposures.

To schedule a mammogram, contact your physician for a referral. Once you have a physician's order, contact ACMC Central Scheduling at 440-997-6590 to schedule an appointment at ACMC or Conneaut Family Medical Center.