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Ashtabula County students learn about healthcare, themselves at ACMC Academy

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Ashtabula County students and Ashtabula County Medical Center caregivers recently celebrated the end of the summer internship at a commencement featuring (from left) Madeline Blenman, Brielle Bogardus, Julia Krznaric, Hailey Booth, ACMC Foundation Executive Director Tammy Netkowicz, Patrick Beebe, Ethan Detrick, ACMC President and CEO Michael Habowski, Eva Oster, and Jalyn Dietrich.

Caregivers inspire students as they pursue their dreams

Eight students from around Ashtabula County recently completed Ashtabula County Medical Center’s ACMC Academy. The summer internship lets high school students experience a variety of healthcare careers as they work daily alongside hospital caregivers. The majority of students who complete ACMC Academy continue into college to earn a healthcare-related degree.

“I am proud of the ACMC Academy and the students who come through our doors to learn more about healthcare,” said ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Michael Habowski. “But I am equally as proud of the caregivers who take time out of their busy schedules to mentor these students. They show them the level of dedication it takes to be an ACMC caregiver, and they inspire the students to continue pursuing their dreams in healthcare.”

ACMC Foundation Executive Director Tammy Netkowicz, added her appreciation for caregivers who contribute their time, experience, and knowledge. “Our caregivers make this program, and we are grateful. Many of them look forward to this every summer as much as the students do.”

High school students apply for the internship in the spring and are chosen by a panel of caregivers who review information from the students and their schools. Students completing the 2022 ACMC Academy are: Patrick Beebe, Jefferson Area High School; Madeline Blenman, Saint John School; Brielle Bogardus, Pymatuning Valley High School; Hailey Booth, Geneva High School; Ethan Detrick, Edgewood High School; Jalyn Dietrich, Edgewood High School; Julia Krznaric, Pymatuning Valley High School; and Eva Oster, Saint John School.

As part of the ACMC Academy commencement ceremony, each student talked about what they learned and how they benefitted from ACMC Academy. The majority of them mentioned they wanted a career in healthcare since early childhood. All the students said ACMC Academy confirmed they still want a career in healthcare; and that they are going into healthcare to help people. Since 2014, about 20 percent of ACMC Academy graduates return to ACMC as new hires to help people in the communities where they grew up.

Several of the students discussed what they learned during ACMC Academy that surprised them or that confirmed their career choice.

Bogardus said, “I learned that I am a people-person, and I will be advocating for my patients. ACMC Academy will make me a better nurse in the future.”

Booth, who wants to be a physician, said ACMC Academy showed her the relationships that are formed between patients and caregivers. Jalyn Dietrich echoed Booth, saying she learned how important empathy is when dealing with others. Oster said she learned that patience is a key for caregivers, because family members may have more questions than patients. “They are worried about their loved one, so it is understandable.”

For completing the eight-week internship, each ACMC Academy graduate received a $500 scholarship and the ACMC Foundation awarded an additional $1,000 scholarship to Krznaric and Bogardus. For more information about ACMC Academy, please visit