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ACMC provides free sports physicals at Lakeside High School 

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Caregivers from Ashtabula County Medical Center will provide free sports physicals to Lakeside High School and Junior High School student-athletes on May 11 in the high school gym.

Students do not have to register in advance, but a consent form signed by the student's parent or guardian is required for anyone under age 18. Students will be released from class for the physical.

A sports physical assesses a child's fitness level; detects conditions or factors that could increase the risk of illness or injury; and lets a healthcare provider offer helpful information that may minimize that risk. It also identifies chronic medical conditions that should be monitored. Finally, a sports physical makes the student, parent or guardian, and coaches aware of any special health needs, such as asthma or allergies that may require a student to have an inhaler or an EpiPen.

All students will be required to wear masks as they cycle through their sports physical at Lakeside High School.

ACMC will also provide free sports physicals for Edgewood High School and Saint John on June 9 at Edgewood.