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ACMC Healthcare System earns Platinum Award for Employee Wellness Initiatives

Corporate news | Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Contact: John Broom

ACMC Healthcare System has received the Platinum Award from Healthy Business Council of Ohio for outstanding employee wellness initiatives. It is the highest award given by the Council.

ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Michael Habowski said the Platinum Award is further confirmation that ACMC is a local leader in healthcare. “Healthcare is more than just providing quality care when someone is ill or injured. Healthcare is also about being proactive to maintain health and wellness. Our employee wellness program gives our caregivers tools and motivation to lead healthy lifestyles, which helps us ensure we are able to meet our patients’ needs.”

ACMC Healthcare System has been a strong advocate of employee wellness. ACMC’s Premiere Fitness offers low-cost memberships to caregivers and their spouses. As part of the annual wellness program, caregivers complete a personal wellness profile and various health screenings. The results of those can be reviewed with the hospital’s wellness nurse to help caregivers better understand their current level of health and develop an individualized plan to improve their health over the year. Incentives are in place to encourage caregivers to meet certain healthcare metrics. The program has been in place for 11 years and is also open to caregivers’ spouses. ACMC newest wellness initiative is Wellness Wednesdays, which provides weekly health tips and offers special meetings where caregivers can discuss wellness concerns with trained health experts.

ACMC also collaborates with over a dozen local companies in offering wellness programs for their employees. In addition to offering wellness programming, ACMC’s Occupational Health Services works with companies to provide pre-employment physicals and injury care. Healthy employees improve a company’s bottom line through increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and lower medical costs.

June Parmarter, ACMC’s Director of Wellness Initiatives, said “ACMC has received Gold-level recognition for our employee wellness program in the past. It is such an honor to receive the Platinum Award in the first year it was offered. Wellness initiatives are perhaps more important now than any time before.”

Company wellness programs also had to adapt because of COVID-19. In receiving the Platinum Award, ACMC was recognized for its efforts that encouraged employee and spouse participation within the safety parameters of COVID-19.

“We can all agree that 2020 was a beast of a year for employer sites so this year’s application was modified to recognize the extraordinary efforts employers were making to offer employee wellbeing in spite of it all,” explained the Healthy Worksite Award Co-Chair Annie Laurie Cadmus. “Applicants had the option to complete a ‘Pandemic Response’ section of the application to share how they adjusted their program offerings and continued to offer support to employees during a difficult year.”

Companies interested in more information about ACMC’s Workplace Wellness programs can call Premiere Fitness at 440-998-3488. For information on Occupational Health Services please call 440-994-2635.