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ACMC Healthcare System earns Gold Award from Healthy Business Council of Ohio

Corporate news | Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Contact: John Broom

ACMC Healthcare System has received a Gold Award from Healthy Business Council of Ohio for outstanding employee wellness initiatives. Across Ohio, 111 employers were recognized for healthy worksites.

ACMC President and CEO Michael Habowski said it is an honor to receive the Gold Award, which confirms ACMC is a local leader in healthcare – for patients and for caregivers. “As the largest employer in the county, we take our responsibility for healthcare seriously. This includes leading in wellness initiatives in the workplace. Having a healthier workforce gives our patients confidence that they are receiving quality and safe healthcare.”

ACMC Healthcare System has always been a strong advocate of employee wellness. ACMC purchased a formally privately-owned fitness center, Premiere Fitness, in 2009 to continue and grow its commitment to better health for caregivers as well as the community.

ACMC was praised for its 10-year wellness program, which is open to employees and spouses. ACMC extends this program into the community through Workplace Wellness programs in local businesses and through Occupational Health Services. Additionally, ACMC offers several wellness programs throughout the year specifically for caregivers. ACMC caregivers and community members can take classes at Premiere Fitness and utilize the facility’s own weight management program, Results, a 12-week program that includes before-and-after fitness assessments, group training, nutrition classes, and more.

Data for ACMC’s Workplace Wellness program is tracked and accessible by caregivers, who can then work with a certified health coach to create an individualized action plan for improving fitness, reducing stress, losing weight, eating healthier, or whatever is needed.

ACMC’s Wellness Initiatives Director June Parmarter attended the Healthy Business Council of Ohio’s awards ceremony on January 23. She received the award from sponsor Dave Cowden of Worthington Industries.

She said, “We pride ourselves on offering the very best wellness programs for our staff as well as the community. We work with several area businesses to develop wellness programs designed specifically for their needs. Wellness initiatives have become extremely important as companies are looking for ways to improve their employees’ health, which in turn improves their bottom line. Increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and lower medical costs are just a few of the many benefits of offering a wellness program.”

Healthy Worksite Award Co-Chair Annie Laurie Cadmus described the changes to the assessment program. “This year’s application was more comprehensive than past years as we worked to better align our assessment with the CDC Worksite Health Scorecard so worksites could more effectively become competitive with national trends in workplace wellbeing programming. Worksites recognized this year should be especially proud of their accomplishments knowing they have provided their employees with nationally competitive and well-rounded programming that supports healthy lifestyles.”

Companies interested in more information about ACMC’s Workplace Wellness programs can call Premiere Fitness at 440-998-3488. For information on Occupational Health Services please call 440-994-2635.