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ACMC celebrates Caregiving excellence for Nurses Week

Hospital news | Monday, May 14, 2018

ACMC Healthcare System honored caregivers as part of Nurses Week (May 6-12) with a series of events that included a special luncheon and award ceremony. The award recipients were nominated by their peers. A panel of clinical caregivers reviewed the nominations and selected those to be recognized ACMC Chief Nursing Officer Jacquelyn DiFiore, RN, MSN, MHA, NEA-BC, said, "The nurses of the ACMC Healthcare System are extremely skilled, compassionate, empathetic, and advocates for their patients. They truly exemplify the art and science of nursing, and work together to provide excellent patient care for all who enter our doors. The nursing leadership team is selfless and supportive, sets high standards and leads by example."

In addition to recognizing nurses, the awards also recognize other members of the caregiver team who support the practice of nursing. In all, 11 awards were given at Ashtabula County Medical Center (ACMC).

Nightingale Physician Collaboration – Pulmonologist Sanjay Srivastava, MD. This award recognizes the partnership between nurses and physicians in caring for patients with a professional and positive manner. Dr, Srivastava was chosen because he works closely with nurses and other multidisciplinary team members to provide thorough and compassionate patient care. The nomination form described Dr. Srivastava as, "an irreplaceable asset to ACMC."

Excellence in Care Management – Amy DeGeorge, RN. This award recognizes outstanding skills, teamwork, commitment, and enthusiasm in daily work. DeGeorge was chosen, in part, for her ability to clearly communicate about healthcare issues with staff, patients, and family members. She was praised for providing excellent patient care and for helping solve challenging situations in day-to-day healthcare.

Novice Nurse – Brandy Arnold, RN. This award is presented to honor exemplary skills, dedication, and compassion in delivering direct patient care. Arnold transitioned from nursing assistant to registered nurse in ACMC's intensive care unit. The nomination form noted, "She always has a positive attitude, with a willingness to learn every day." She was also praised for the pride she shows in her work.

Nursing Leadership – Jacquelyn DiFiore, RN, CNO. This award recognizes exemplary leadership focused on ACMC and Cleveland Clinic values. DiFiore was chosen for her continued passion for nursing. The nomination form noted, "She is nurturing, empathetic, and passionate about staff, patients, and our community."

Outstanding Clinical Support – Heather Curtis. This award recognizes outstanding service to the nursing department and exemplifies a role model by living out ACMC's 'Patients First' philosophy. Curtis was chosen because she is "the go-to person for any questions regarding events, classes, and schedules," according to the nomination form. She was also described as, "truly a blessing for the nursing staff."

Nursing Excellence - Rebekah Johnson, RN. This award recognizes the skill, dedication, and compassion needed for daily delivery of direct patient care. Johnson, who works in the medical/surgical unit, was chosen because patients as well as co-workers admire her passion and work ethic. The nomination form noted, "She has a contagious laugh and smile."

Nursing Alliance Award - Brian Trask, RN. This award recognizes the support given to the bedside nurse in providing for patients and families. Trask, a nursing supervisor, was chosen because he embodies the "description of nursing alliance." The nomination form noted, "He always engages staff and assists them with any needs that may arise." Trask was praised for his calm demeanor during stressful situations and his situational awareness and compassion.

Nursing Team Award – ACMC Shared Governance Team. This award recognizes a team or unit that collectively demonstrates skills, expertise, and personal attributes that contribute to outstanding patient care. ACMC's Shared Governance Team was chosen because it tackles many challenging nurse process issues, while engaging and inspiring frontline staff. Team members are: Char Allen, BSN, RN; Nichole Engelmann, RN; Luann Smith, BSN, RN: Sharon Barber, RN; Scott Wojtila, RN; Tina Hinson, RN; Heidi Ward, RN; Nedia Landry, RN; Wanda Campbell, RN; Diana Steen, RN: Amber Gouge, BSN, RN; Tracy Mead, RN; Shannon Pike, BSN, RN: and Jackie Difiore, RN, MSN, MHA, NEA-BC.

Art of Nursing – Maria Foglio, RN. This award recognizes skills, expertise, commitment, and personal attributes of a nurse who promotes and supports healing for patients, families, and colleagues. Foglio, with ACMC's Interventional Pain Center, was honored for her care and compassion – not only for patients, but also fellow caregivers. She helped create a pain committee to help educate caregivers about pain management issues and created special alternative pain intervention tool kits.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Dawn Phillips, RN. This award is presented for achievements that help advance the practice of nursing, improved patient outcomes, enhanced the work environment, and/or promoted multidisciplinary teamwork. Phillips, an ICU nurse, was chosen for mentoring nurses and helping them to improve their day-to-day skills and ability to think critically. The nomination form noted, "She is an advocate for her patients and gets her patients early interventions." She was also described as the rock of the ICU. Phillips has been a nurse at ACMC for 25 years.

Faces of Care Award – Roxanne Ackroyd, BSN, RN. This award is presented in recognition of the skills, dedication, and compassion in delivering outstanding direct patient care. Ackroyd who works on ACMC's Maternity Unit, was chosen for this award because of genuine connection of caring. The nomination form noted, "This reliable association is a result of her calm, humble heart of compassion for patients and coworkers, connected to an energetically educated and experienced mind." Ackroyd was praised for her educational efforts with mothers in ACMC's maternity unit, as well as working with new ACMC caregivers to help them learn more about nursing. She was described as having a heart for meeting the perceived needs of others.