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ACMC begins COVID-19 vaccinations for caregivers   

Hospital news | Tuesday, December 29, 2020

ACMC began providing the COVID-19 vaccine to its caregivers on Tuesday, December 29th.

ACMC received 200 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in the initial shipment. Additional shipments will arrive as supply becomes available.

“We are following the phased approach established by CDC and the State of Ohio for administering the vaccine,” said Michael Habowski, President and CEO of the ACMC Healthcare System. “We are in Phase 1A. For hospitals, healthcare personnel who are routinely involved in the care of COVID-19 patients are in that phase.”

"I've been waiting for the vaccine to come. I did my research and I'm excited to have it available. I

work with COVID-positive patients each day. This is the only way to stop this," she said.

ACMC Emergency Department nurse Jane Christner, RN, was one of the first caregivers to receive the vaccine at the hospital.

ACMC Emergency Department physician William Novatny, DO, said, “"I'm doing this for me, my family, and everybody else. I've been doing this for nine months. I'm glad to get it."

The hospital set up the Solarium as its vaccination site. “Safety is always our highest priority. To keep caregivers who are receiving the vaccine and those who are administering it safe, we scheduled caregivers in specific blocks of time. This ensures we don’t exceed the maximum capacity of the Solarium and that we maintain appropriate social distancing,” said Habowski. “There is a significant amount of education that is required to be provided to anyone who receives the vaccine, as well a substantial amount of information that we are required to enter into the State database. We built our vaccine schedule to accommodate those requirements, as well as to provide time to thoroughly clean and disinfect between the blocks of time.”

The COVID-19 vaccine is a two-dose regimen. The same group of caregivers included in the first 200 dose shipment will receive the required second dose in four weeks.

“As we move through the remaining phases of the CDC and State of Ohio plan (Phases 1B, 1C, 2, 3, and 4), and supply of the vaccine increases, caregivers in each phase who volunteered to receive the vaccine will be notified to schedule their vaccine,” said Habowski.

“Our caregivers have been inspiring throughout the pandemic. We owe them, and caregivers across the world, our deepest thanks. They have been going strong, day-in and day-out, for over 10 months,” said Habowski. “The availability of the vaccine truly gives them, and all of us, hope that we are seeing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. It will take time for the vaccine to become widely available, so we all need to continue to wear our mask, maintain social distance, and practice good hand and cough hygiene. We will get through this.”