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$1 million renovation creates Center for Heart Care at ACMC

Hospital news | Monday, March 16, 2015

Contact: John Broom

The ACMC Healthcare System is continuing its commitment to improving access to quality healthcare in Ashtabula County by investing $1 million to renovate space above the cardiac catheterization lab to create a comprehensive ACMC Center for Heart Care.

The project created 13 exam rooms, medical/triage room, front desk and waiting area. The renovated space will add almost 4,500 square feet for patient care. It will house the offices of the four Cleveland Clinic cardiologists who practice full-time at ACMC. Those offices were located on the first floor of The Ashtabula Clinic.

The ACMC Center for Heart Care now includes the cardiac catheterization lab; cardiac services, which includes testing such as echocardiograms, electrocardiography (EKGs), stress tests, Doppler imaging and holter monitoring; cardiac rehabilitation; and the physician offices.

"This investment isn't just about adding physical space. It's about responding to the needs of our communities," said ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Michael Habowski. "Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Ashtabula County. ACMC is at the forefront of providing care to better diagnose and treat heart disease right here in Ashtabula County."

Habowski added that ACMC's affiliation with Cleveland Clinic, the number one heart hospital in the United States, makes it easy for patients to receive world-class care without leaving Ashtabula County. "Our model of care is to bring the medical expertise to Ashtabula County, not force patients to leave the county to receive the care they need."

The complement of providers, coupled with the technology and facilities at ACMC, is unmatched by any other hospital or healthcare system in the county.

The Cleveland Clinic cardiologists who practice full-time at ACMC are Hari Dandapantula, MD; Perry Fleisher, MD; Adriana Rosario, MD; and Gregory Wood, DO. Together, they have a combined 102 years of experience. Additionally, Ben Meola, a cardiology nurse practitioner who works alongside the physicians, has 30 years of experience.

The investment to create the Center for Heart Care comes on the heels of the $1.3 million invested to develop the Conneaut Family Health Center and the $1.75 million to expand the Jefferson Family Health Center in 2014. There are plans under way for new services to occupy the space on the first floor of The Ashtabula Clinic now that the cardiologists' offices have moved.

"ACMC's investment in new services and buildings not only improves the health and well-being of Ashtabula County residents, but also helps improve the economic health of the County," Habowski said. "By providing care here at ACMC, we're putting money back into Ashtabula County's economy rather than into the economies of Lake, Geauga, Cuyahoga or Erie counties. Doing that creates jobs and generates tax dollars for our cities and schools. Any facility that sends patients out of the county for care that can – and should – be provided here is striking at the heart of Ashtabula County's economy."