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Small changes in diet can lead to a longer life

Find out which foods contribute most to an improved diet.

Surgery may not be the answer for men with early prostate cancer

Men who don't get any treatment for early prostate cancer aren't any more likely to die from the disease than those who have surgery, according to a study.

Anaphylaxis: Too many kids missing timely epinephrine shot

A new study found that more than half of kids who experienced anaphylaxis, which is life-threatening, didn't get an epinephrine shot before arriving at an ER or urgent care center.

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Protect yourself from ragweed allergies

Achoo! That's the sound of ragweed season approaching. Get ready with these tips.

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School lunches quiz

How much do you know about school lunches? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

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Skin cancer signs

Learn the ABCDEs of melanoma.

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Thunderstorm safety

Do you know where to take shelter?

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