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Does turmeric spice have health benefits?

There's at least one common ache it may help.

Food for thought: Calorie labeling may sway the brain

Brain scans revealed altered activity in areas that motivate eating.

Colonoscopy: New evidence for the 10-year recommendation

New research strengthens standard screening guidelines for this common colon cancer screening.

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Bleary-eyed? How to get better ZZZs

Slumbering. Snoozing. Sawing logs. No matter what it's called, a good night's sleep never becomes tiresome.

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Calorie burn calculator

Calculate how many calories you're burning with your exercises and activities.

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BMI calculator

Checking your body mass index (BMI) can help you find out if your weight is in a healthy range.

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Cervical cancer prevention

Find out what prevention steps to take as you age.

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