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Ways to Give

Serving the healthcare needs of individuals and families in Ashtabula County, and keeping you close to home, is a tradition of ACMC. Caring people who support the work of our hospital touch the lives of our patients and their families at a time when it is needed most. Every gift helps the hospital update and enhance equipment, technology and services to continue caring for patients and the community.

Event Sponsorships and Attendance

A variety of sponsorship opportunities are offered for events hosted by the ACMC Foundation.

Gift Planning

Funding a contribution through gifts of assets, such as securities, stocks, or bonds can offer donors additional tax benefits. Gifts of insurance, property or real estate are attractive options for some donors. Charitable gift annuities and trusts offer options that can benefit ACMC while providing income during a donor's lifetime.

If you are considering any vehicle of gift planning as a way to show your support for ACMC, please consult with a professional financial planner and attorney.

Matching Gifts

Some employers offer a matching gift program whereby the company will match an employee's qualifying donation to ACMC. These programs double the impact of your gift, so please ask at work if your employer offers matching gifts, and be sure to complete the necessary paperwork.

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

Some families hold charitable giving as a tradition, an exceptional way to reaffirm values and priorities that are shared with loved ones. Memorial gifts are a powerful way to remember friends and family—an outward expression to honor someone's memory while advancing the care we provide to the community. Sometimes, surviving family will designate ACMC as the recipient of memorial gifts; and sometimes donors choose ACMC themselves. In either case, the memory of a loved one remains in the community.

Making a gift in honor of someone who is still alive is a special and meaningful way to show how much you care and appreciate that person. Tribute gifts can be made to say "thank you," or they can commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or holiday. And they can be the perfect solution if you have trouble finding just the right gift for a family member or friend. A donation made in honor of someone gives back to others in the community and is a loving and thoughtful gesture.

Unless otherwise requested, family members and honorees are thoughtfully notified of memorial and tribute gifts. Gift amounts are not disclosed.

Outright Gifts

Making a gift by cash, check, or credit card is the most popular way to make a contribution to ACMC Foundation. In addition, employed physicians and staff members can choose to show support through payroll deduction. These methods of giving are simple, convenient and tax-deductible per IRS regulations.

Doctor's Day 2023

Unless otherwise designated, donations will be directed to The Greatest Need, a fund that is utilized to help meet the most pressing hospital needs as they arise, so ACMC can best meet the community's healthcare needs.