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Giving Opportunities

When you make a gift to ACMC Foundation, you can direct your charitable support to a number of meaningful areas. From supporting direct patient care programs, education and various department projects, to facilities, technology and equipment—there is something for everyone who values quality healthcare in Ashtabula County and wants to show support.

The following are descriptions of current giving opportunities. To donate to any of these funds, please contact ACMC Foundation or use the Donate Online link.

Patient Care Tower

Ashtabula County Medical Center broke ground June 30 on a new patient care tower. The 115,000-square-foot, multi-story addition will add 55 new private patient rooms, a new Intensive Care Unit, five new operating rooms, and 24 new rooms in the Emergency Department. .

“For the past several years, the Board of Directors and Administrative Team have discussed the aging condition of many parts of the hospital,” said Nancy Kister, chairperson of the ACMC Healthcare System Board of Directors. “We have spent a lot of time reviewing the needs of our patients, caregivers, and the organization as we plan for what our future will look like over the next 10, 20, 30 years and beyond.”

Michael Habowski, ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO, said, “Since opening in 1904, the hospital has been committed to responding to the changing healthcare needs of our communities. The planned new patient care tower is another example of that commitment. ACMC has been the healthcare provider of choice for Ashtabula County. The new tower will create an even better environment for our patients and caregivers and will enable us to advance our mission of providing quality healthcare that makes a positive impact on our communities.”

The new patient care tower will connect to the current hospital on the south side of the building and will give patients and caregivers more exposure to natural light. The new patient rooms will have private bathrooms and showers and will be more spacious and comfortable for families while visiting their loved one. Patients on the east side of the tower will have views of the Ashtabula River. Plans include a new hospital entrance with additional green space.

There will be two separate roadways leading to the new Emergency Department – one for patients and one for Emergency Medical Services squads. Emergency Department patients will have dedicated parking spaces as they do now. The design of the new tower also takes into consideration the flow of patients to provider offices in The Ashtabula Clinic, as well as to departments in the current south and north wings of the hospital.

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COVID Relief & Support Fund

As Ashtabula County Medical Center continues to care for COVID-19 patients, the ACMC Foundation has created a special fund to care for the needs of caregivers and the hospital’s patients. We created the COVID Relief and Support Fund to help meet the needs of ACMC’s caregivers, patients, and the hospital as those needs arise.

Possible uses for the COVID Relief Fund in support of caregivers might include providing meals both in the hospital or to caregivers’ families after a caregiver’s shift. Other possibilities include opportunities to support caregivers’ emotional needs; or supplementing ACMC’s Employee Care Fund, which assists caregivers facing unexpected financial hardship.

To support patients, the COVID Relief Fund might be an available resource to help improve communications with family and friends. The Foundation is considering various communication devices and strengthening internet infrastructure to facilitate video chats and also support hospital operations.

For as long as the COVID-19 pandemic impacts Ashtabula County Medical Center and the community, ACMC Foundation will address these unique needs as they arise, and will respond according to the resources available.

The Greatest Need

Your donations to The Greatest Need Fund have tremendous impact on the ACMC Foundation's ability to help meet the most pressing hospital needs as they arise. Unrestricted funds allow the Foundation to move quickly and effectively to meet short-term and urgent needs at the hospital, thereby providing the greatest benefit in the shortest timeframe. The ACMC Foundation Board of Trustees allocates unrestricted funds to programs, services and projects that cannot be accommodated in the hospital's budget. Simply put, unrestricted contributions go to fund patient programs and services that would not be possible without private support.

Technology and Equipment

Some donors understand the enormous challenge of keeping pace with technology and medical equipment, and maintaining appropriate and comfortable facilities for patients. The costs can be staggering and limiting, so donations that are designated to help in these areas are especially valuable. Sometimes the ACMC Foundation is able to fully fund a project or equipment purchase, bringing to life an advancement that otherwise would not happen. Other times, the Foundation provides partial funding, helping to jumpstart a project or speeding up its timeline.

Cancer Services

Cancer touches us all. In Ashtabula County, we see higher rates of cancer occurrence here than both the state and national averages. Not only do cancer patients have immense challenges physically, their challenges are also emotional and oftentimes financial. Having quality cancer services available right here, close to home, means so much. Donors who direct their gifts to support ACMC's cancer services truly touch the lives of hundreds of their neighbors, friends, co-workers and family. Funds help support cancer care through all aspects of the program, including equipment, facilities, care programs and education.

Children's Smiles

Your gifts to ACMC Foundation can help brighten a child's day. Whether visiting ACMC as an outpatient for testing, an inpatient for round-the-clock care, or a patient in the Emergency Department, being at the hospital can be scary for children. The Foundation provides stuffed animals, coloring books and crayons to bring a little extra comfort to our young patients. Your gifts designated here can also help meet the needs of several departments in their care specific to children.

General Endowment

With your gift to the endowment, you can take comfort in knowing your gift is preserved in perpetuity, ensuring that your gift will thrive and grow far into the future, touching the lives of Ashtabula County residents today and for many generations to come.

Unless otherwise designated, donations will be directed to the Greatest Need fund.