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Statement from ACMC Healthcare System President Michael Habowski

Every step ACMC has taken to-date – and every step we will take in the weeks ahead – is with one goal in mind: making the best decisions that will keep our patients, caregivers and communities safe based on the information available to us. We know this is a challenging time for everyone. We will get through it by working together. Please follow the guidelines of social distancing, frequent handwashing, coughing and sneezing into a tissue or the bend of your arm, and avoid touching your face with your hands. ACMC is licensed for 249 beds. We have a plan in place for where we would cohort patients diagnosed with COVID-19 to keep them isolated from other patients. We also have a surge plan in place that can be rapidly activated to accommodate a sudden influx of patients with COVID-19. This plan includes other areas of the hospital where we could add beds, as well as working with community organizations for placing patients there. It’s important to remember that these types of plans existed long before COVID-19. They are part of our everyday emergency preparedness plan so we are ready to respond to any situation that presents itself.

ACMC COVID-19 Updates
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Thank You, ACMC

ACMC created this special page for patients, families, and community members to leave positive messages and encouragement for ACMC Healthcare System's 1,500+ Caregivers. We are grateful for the many comments we have already received offering thoughts, prayers, and more during the only COVID-19 crisis. Please remember, we are in this together and everything we do is to keep our patients, families, and communities safe during the ongoing pandemic.

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ACMC Caregivers grateful as community donations flow in

ACMC has received donations of cleaning and sanitizing supplies; face shields, goggles, masks, and gloves; and protective clothing such as coveralls, and gowns.  In addition, many local residents are collecting supplies or making masks for caregivers and patients to wear. Local companies donating supplies to ACMC include (as of March 31): A Louis Supply, Aramark, Arthur Louis Steel, Ashtabula Area City Schools, Ashta Chemicals, A-Tech, Chromaflo, CJ Contractors, Conneaut Schools, Continental Structural Plastics, Gabriel Performance Products, Geneva Family Dental, Ineos Pigments JoAnn Fabrics, Kelley Steel, Kent State University – Ashtabula, Members of Boilermakers Local 744, Molded Fiber Glass, National Retail Outlet, Steven’s Construction, and Vincent Homes. The donations began arriving at ACMC in mid-March and continue to increase at a time when items are becoming scarce from national suppliers. While ACMC currently has an adequate supply of personal protective equipment on-hand, when patients who are COVID-19 positive begin to arrive, those supplies can go quickly. All of the donated supplies are being stored securely so ACMC Caregivers will have them available the moment they are needed.

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