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Surgical Care Close to Home

At ACMC, minimally invasive procedures offer patients quicker recovery and earlier return to normal activities than conventional surgery.

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ACMC Occupational Health Services

ACMC Occupational Health Services connects local businesses and their employees to comprehensive care, including prevention, treatment, education, and employee wellness programs. Our services create the right injury care program to ensure the least amount of interruption to business operations. Our focus is on treatment that speeds healing and keeps employees working. We help employees maintain or recover their health through access to medical providers skilled in occupational health needs. ACMC Occupational Health is located on the first floor of The Ashtabula Clinic and is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For after hours and weekend injuries, use the ACMC Emergency Department. Injured workers will then follow up with ACMC Occupational Health the next business day.

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Oncology and Hematology Specialist Shinoj Pattali, MD

ACMC welcomes Oncology/Hematology specialist Shinoj Pattali, MD. Dr. Pattali earned his medical degree at Medical College of Wisconsin, in Milwaukee after completing residency in Chicago. He specializes in diagnosing and treating cancer as well as a variety of blood disorders. To schedule an appointment, call 440-994-7600.

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ACMC welcomes OB/GYN Specialist Ahmed Shahata, MD

OB/GYN Specialist Ahmed Shahata, MD, now sees patients at the Ashtabula Women's Health Center, 524 W. 24th St. Dr. Shahata brings advanced training in minimally-invasive surgery and will expand the types of OB/GYN procedures done at ACMC. He provides completed gynecological care, as well as labor and delivery care. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Shahata, please call 440-997-6915.

Internal Medicine Specialist Ravi Chimalakonda, MD

ACMC welcomes the return of Internal Medicine Specialist Ravi Chimalakonda, MD, who now sees patients at Jefferson Family Health Center. Dr. Chimalakonda is passionate about preventative medicine and sees primary care as the front lines for helping patients improve their health so they avoid future health complications. As an internal medicine specialist, Dr. Chimalakonda treats a variety of adult illnesses, including chronic illness and situations where multiple illnesses affect a patient at the same time. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Chimalakonda, call 440-997-6969.

Family Medicine specialist Glenn Beck, DO

Family Medicine specialist Glenn Beck, DO, is an Ashtabula native with family still in the area. He has practiced medicine for 22 years, most recently seeing patients in Painesville. Dr. Beck provides care for the entire family with a special emphasis on preventative medicine, especially for diabetic and pre-diabetic patients.

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Cleveland Clinic Cardiologist Ali Nihad Al-Assaad, MD

Cleveland Clinic Cardiologist Ali Nihad Al-Assaad, MD sees patients full-time at the ACMC Center for Heart Care alongside Cleveland Clinic cardiologists Perry Fleisher, MD, and Navneet Kumar, MD, as well as ACMC Cardiology Nurse Practitioner Ben Meola.

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Cleveland Clinic Cardiologist Navneet Kumar, MD

ACMC welcomes Cleveland Clinic Cardiologist Navneet Kumar, MD, who sees patients full-time at ACMC’s Center for Heart Care. Dr. Kumar's practice includes general cardiology, diagnostic testing such as cardiac catheterization, and interventional procedures including stents, angioplasty, and coronary artery artherectomy. Dr. Kumar is certified in Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine – Cardiovascular Disease, and Nuclear Cardiology. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kumar, call 440-994-7622.