ACMC Rehabilitation Services offers physical, occupational and speech therapy to people of all ages and functional levels. ACMC's rehabilitation staff assists patients in regaining mobility, reducing pain, and restoring independence and function through the use of comprehensive rehabilitation programs. Personalized strategies are used so that each patient's treatment is individualized and provides the best benefits. The structure of the department enables a team problem-solving approach to rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy

ACMC's licensed physical therapists are trained to evaluate patients who are affected by a wide variety of conditions including stroke, back, neck, or extremity pain, musculoskeletal injuries, nerve injuries, balance and dizziness conditions, fractures, joint replacement, athletic injuries, coordination problems, and work-related injuries.

Physical therapists at ACMC team with licensed physical therapy assistants to deliver exercise-based treatments. Other modalities may be employed to maximize patient outcomes, including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cold or heat therapy, manual therapy, joint mobilization, aquatics, resistance training, and education. Patients receive therapy as outpatients, hospital inpatients, or skilled-nursing residents.

No matter the setting, the goals of physical therapy usually include restoring a patient's prior level of function and alleviating pain.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists and certified occupational therapist assistants at ACMC also provide treatment to both hospital inpatients and outpatients. ACMC's occupational therapists typically specialize in disorders of the upper extremities, including hand or wrist injuries, nerve injuries, strokes, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle or tendon problems, and arthritis. Occupational therapists are experts in developing custom splinting devices that are typically used in injury management for conditions of the hand, thumb, or wrist. Occupational therapists also work with inpatients on restoring functions of everyday living, ensuring patients are safe to return to home with appropriate levels of assistance. Occupational therapists also have training in evaluating and managing cognitive issues that may present, for example, after stroke.

Speech Therapy

ACMC speech-language pathologists (also known as speech therapists) specialize in the rehabilitation of communication issues, and in the detection and management of swallowing issues. Speech language pathologists evaluate and treat patients across the age spectrum that may have difficulty in communication due to the many conditions that can affect speech acquisition and execution (stroke, head and neck cancer, vocal cord issues, neuromuscular issues, pediatric speech delay, articulation problems, etc.)

Specialty Services

Specialty services are available for arthritis, pediatric therapy, geriatrics, balance and vestibular disorders and aquatic therapy. Aquatic physical therapy is offered on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at the Ashtabula YMCA. The department regularly hosts total joint replacement seminars, back pain seminars, and fall prevention seminars. These informational classes are held at the hospital and are free to the public.

You can call 440.997.6680 for more information.

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A physician's referral is normally required for an appointment at ACMC's Department of Rehabilitation Services. For more information, please call 440.997.6680. Hours are Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and on Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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