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Premiere Fitness

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treadwallThe Latest Equipment

A big thank you goes out to the ACMC Foundation Board of Trustees who approved the funding of 10 new spinning bikes and a treadwall. The spinning bikes are the top-rated Keiser M3 bikes. The treadwall is a unique total body exercise apparatus. It is like mountain climbing on a vertical treadmill. Who will be the first member to climb our own Mount Everest?

Weight Training

Our weight machine area consists of over 30 pieces of Cybex, Icarion and Hammer Strength weight machines, as well as Precor stretching machines in a wide open area. Most of our equipment is cable-based which is specific for functional training by promoting a variety of functionally integrated resistance movement patterns. Used correctly, cable-based training can improve strength, coordination and the learning of specific movement patterns.

Physical therapists use cable systems to promote coordination during rehabilitation. Sport perofrmance coaches use cable-based functional techniques to enhance movement patterns, quickness and stability. Therefore, these machines will benefit the aging or the weekend warrior.

free weightsFree Weights

Premiere offers over 20 different free weight stations comprised of Cybex and Hammer Strength equipment. 

This area, which includes plate loaded and free weights, has thousands of pounds of wieghts, Icarion racks, and squat machines surrounded by mirrors to ensure your form is correct.

Cario trainingCardio

Our cardio area features state-of-the-art equipment, including Precor treadmills, ellipticals and cross trainers.  In addition, this area also has steppers, recumbent bikes and a cardio theater setup with 10 televisions.

Cross training has never been easier with the M6 Treadwall. Lower the M6 treadwall to the full minus 12 degree angle and work all the muscles in your arms, shoulders and core at once. Change the angle to plus 12 degree and get your hips, legs, core, and balance dialed to perfection. Find the most comfortable angle for you and get a continuous aerobic burn everywhere all at once. Whatever your motives are this rotating climbing wall has enough space at 6 feet wide and 11 feet high to let you roam. Premiere Fitness is the area's only fitness center to offer this unique total body workout!

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