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Get Results at Premiere Fitness

If you’ve been having trouble losing weight, Premiere Fitness has a solution that might just get you Results.

A new 12-week program - Results Weight Management Solution - may be the perfect answer for those who either need extra motivation, or who find they don't quite have all the tools they need to change their lifestyle.

June Penniman, Director of Premiere Fitness, said the new program is a great way for people to begin making those lifestyle changes needed to lose weight and keep it off.

The program costs $119 for Premiere members, and $299 for non-members (includes a 12-week membership to Premiere). In that time, each participant will receive a personalized fitness assessment, with a computerized summary showing how quickly a person’s weight and fitness goals can be met.

The software will also highlight personal health risks for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke, and how you can minimize the risks. Each new participant will also receive an equipment orientation, and be assigned to a fitness group led by a certified personal trainer.

To help with the nutrition side of the equation, each Results participant will receive a Right-Sized Portion Plate to help teach them portion sizes and types of food they should be eating. They will also receive a food journal, for tracking meals and calories; and a food scale, for measuring servings.

There will also be weekly nutrition classes, taught by ACMC dieticians, who will give advice on foods, nutritional content, and offer suggestions for removing fat and sugar from your diet. “You are not on your own,” Penniman said. “Results Weight Management Solution helps you focus on your health. But the program also gets you working out with others, who can be a big motivator to continue working toward your goal.”

For more information about Results Weight Management at Premiere Fitness, call 440-998-FITT, or visit

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