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Our Leadership

Ashtabula County Medical Center, an affiliate of Cleveland Clinic, is the largest and most advanced hospital in Ashtabula County. ACMC opens the door to the world’s best healthcare by applying Cleveland Clinic’s clinical information and state-of-the-art standards of care. ACMC strives to be regarded as the healthcare provider of choice in Ashtabula County by providing the highest level of service and quality, employing the best and brightest to deliver that care, focusing on growth to expand services and remaining a financially stable community partner.

ACMC Board of Trustees

Joe Giangola, Chairman

Susan Stocker, Ph.D. - Vice-Chairman

Bill Dingledine, Secretary/Treasurer

Michael Habowski, President & CEO

 Peg Carlo

Neroy Carter

Jeff Coxon

Eleanor Jammal

 Fred DeGrandis - CCF Representative

Jason Hergenroeder – CCF Representative

Jude Cauwenbergh, D.O. – Physician Representative

Suk K. Choi, M.D. – Physician Representative

Robert Dlwgosh, M.D. – Physician Representative

Ashok V. Kondru, M.D. – Physician Representative

Nafisa Kondru, M.D. – Physician Representative

 Ex-Officio Members

 Rick Coblitz, Chairman, CAC

Shirley Viall, President of Auxiliary


Contact us to voice your concern or offer our staff compliments about the healthcare services we offer.

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